Things to do in Bled

One of the most beautiful cities in Slovenia is definitely Bled with its lake and castle. The town is located just 45 minutes outside Ljubljana and offers some of the most jaw dropping sites in Slovenia. Here are some ideas on how to make your visit to this magnificent place in the heart of the Alps a truly special one.

Once you have arrived, you’ll see a clear blue lake with an island overlooked by a castle. We suggest you first take a walk around the lake and get a good view from a 360 perspective as this will probably be one of the most breathtaking sites you’ll ever see in your life.The castle is located on a cliff by the lake and is open for visitors.This is also one of the most photographed and well known places in Slovenia so don’t forget to take a few selfies while you’re there :)    

A stunning view of lake Bled 

Next we recommend you catch a ride on one of the traditional Pletna boats to take you to the island, where you can visit the church. This is also a famous place for weddings which is no surprise as the scenery really looks like something you could only see in a fairytale. If you prefer not to take the pletna and the weather is nice you can also cross the lake by swimming :)

Then if you’d like to try something more exhilarating we suggest you go for Summer sledging. The sledge track is located on the ski slope where you can also go skiing in case there is enough snow at the time of your visit. You’ll be taken up by a Ski Lift, sledge down then test your courage at the end of the sledge by high-jumping to a Bag Jump. This is all part of the Bled Experience which also includes a return transfer from Ljubljana.

There’s also a river near by offering a number of popular group activities such as White Water Rafting -  An epic combination of pure adventure and intact nature you’ll never forget in your life. You’ll team up with a couple of experienced guides who will take you on a journey through the rushing water of Sava Bohinjka. Another exciting activity is Canyoning, where you follow the stream through a mysterious canyon swimming, jumping and sliding on natural slides, discovering a new world inaccessible to many. A bit less daring but no less fun is SUP where you can test your balance, relax and enjoy as you paddle your way across the dreamlike lake. :)

Male Stripper for Hen Do?

Organising a Hen do can be a really difficult task, especially if you don’t have any ideas what to do and where. But no matter what you decide on doing, there is one thing that MUST be in your hen do itinerary and that is definitely a Male Stripper! :)

Unfortunately there are no male strip clubs in town but no worries as we have something even better for you! A private stripper of your choice can come to an agreed location and give you girls a show you are sure to remember. You can see the hot male strippers you can choose from here

One of the hot male Strippers performing for a Hen in Ljubljana

You can have the stripper wear almost any uniform you like be it a sexy firefighter, sailor, policeman etc. The stripper will perform a choreographed dancing routine and you can also take pictures with him to keep as a naughty souvenir from your hen do in Ljubljana. Every girl loves to see a hot man stripp so you’re all guaranteed to have fun while surprising the hen in the best way possible. Note that the stripper will probably be the last naked man except her husband that she will be interacting with so you better get this right ;)

8 Reasons why You should plan Your Hen Do in Slovenia

Organising the perfect hen party can be a difficult task, especially if you’re not quite sure where you’d like to go. There are a number of popular destinations in Europe such as Amsterdam, Riga, Barcelona, Prague, Bratislava and others. Among them Slovenia is also becoming increasingly popular and here are some reasons why we feel it’s an excellent choice.


Though Slovenia may be small it is comprised of some very diverse terrain. It has everything from beautiful highlands to seashores to mysterious karst caves. The land is covered by dreamlike basins crisscrossed by gorgeous rivers, dotted with fresh water springs and some of the most charming lakes in the central European region. This makes it possible for you to do anything from mountaineering to swimming, from rafting on the whitewaters of Sava to chilling on a Boat Ride down the slow streaming Ljubljanica. And best of all you rarely need to drive more than a couple of hours to reach any of the most exciting destinations. You can easily be based in the capital and visit some of the most remote places in the countryside all in a day's time. 

A view of the beautiful lake Bled 

As such Slovenia is also one of the most biodiverse countries in the European Union. It’s natural wealth is truly remarkable and protected by 11 separate parks and natural resorts where you can explore a variety of intact landscapes almost untouched by human hand. Probably the most well know of these parks is the National park Triglav, which is also one of the first such parks in Europe. Others include Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park located just outside the capital and Škocjan Cave park to name a few.


Slovenia offers some of the best prices for food, drinks and a number of popular Hen Do activities. Needless to say you will already save tons on transfer since most of the activities take place in Ljubljana’s pocket size town center, you also won’t need to pay much for any transfer you do decide to take as there are inexpensive shuttles available to take you anywhere you like. Since you’ll probably be staying in Ljubljana while you’re here you’ll also be happy to know you can rent some truly stunning Apartments in the very centre of the town for unbelievably fair prices.


Slovenia has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe which makes it a great choice for having a Hen do. You’ll be able to safely cruise the capital Ljubljana by night with no fear of getting mugged. The country has also never had a terrorist attack and is considered to be very safe in that regard as well. The population of Slovenia is very small summing up to about 2 million people nationwide with only about 270 thousand residing in Ljubljana. Consequently there is much less crime in our capital as opposed to larger cities such as Bratislava and Prague. According to Numbeo’s Crime Index by Country 2017 we’re even safer than Iceland!


Guys in Slovenia are just about the perfect blend of Austrian meticulousness, Italian charm and Slavic mirth. Not to mention they are also very good looking :) No need to take our word for it, come and see for yourself. Unfortunately there are no male strip clubs in Slovenia, however you can hire a Private Stripper to give your Hen a show when you’re out partying or relaxing in the hotel room so no worries. The guys are sure to give you a memorable performance either way. 

Two of our handsome male strippers

Slovenia is packed with historical monuments. The land has been occupied since Ancient  times, starting with the Romans followed by the Slavs, the Franks, the Habsburgs, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and finally the Jugoslavia, each leaving their own historical  landmarks. Consequently there’s a castle on almost every hill and every time someone tries to build something new they are bound to stumble across ancient ruins. 

Medieval castle overlooking Ljubljana's town centre 

The cities are full of beautiful old architecture from all these different times. You can see a lot of houses from Baroque, Classicism and the more recent Jugendstil or Art Nouveau as it was called in France. It takes no more than a stroll down the river banks of Ljubljanica to see that Ljubljana is a perfect example of just that. The town centre is overlooked by a medieval castle, the banks are adorned by beautifully restored historical houses some dating all the way back to renaissance and the nearest roman ruins are just few hundred meters away from the central square. Other historical cities include Ptuj, Piran, Škofja loka all of them containing masterpieces which have survived for thousands of years forming together an incomparably rich cultural heritage.


Ljubljana was chosen as the green capital of Europe in 2016 and has since been regarded as the first and so far the only green oasis in central and southeastern Europe. 74 % of it’s housing is already heated by district heating and natural gas distribution and on top of that it’s also one of the few European capitals offering natural drinking water without prior treatment. The city centre is closed for traffic allowing only pedestrians, bikers and a few electrical vehicles, which are part of Ljubljana’s public transport. 

Just one of the many green areas in Ljubljana 

Ljubljana is also the first capital in Europe to be part of the Zerowaste program with over 60 % of it’s waste being separated. The city has 542 square meters of green space per resident and is also one of the most sustainable tourist destinations in the world, winning the Destination Award in the 2015 Tourism of Tomorrow Awards. Slovenia is also the first country in the world to be declared a Green Destination based on the Netherland’s Green Destination criteria.


Another thing which is worth considering is that Slovenia is only just being discovered by tourists and as such is not as crowded as some better known destinations. As a result your Hen Do here will be special and not just one of the hundreds of parties already taking place in better known cities. In the end you’ll be able to say you had your Hen Party somewhere none of your other friends has ever even visited. Another thing is that since Slovenia is so largely undiscovered the nature here has remained almost completely intact.


Last but not least there are a number of super fun bars, pubs and clubs in Ljubljana making it possible for you to have a truly terrific party experience. However If you’re not familiar with the town’s nightlife there’s always a risk of getting stuck in a dull place drinking alone and not being able to enjoy yourselves properly. That’s why it’s sometimes best to take a Guided Pub Crawl and let someone plan the party for you. A guide will make sure you girls have a blast by taking you only to the best places in town. That way you won’t have to waste time on looking for the right bar or club and ending up frustrated instead of having the night of your life.   

Hen Party in Ljubljana 

If you feel like trying something fancier or maybe have a relaxing pre-party Slovenia is also known for great wine. There are lot’s of places in Ljubljana offering fine selections of both Slovenian and foreign wines. Again, if you’re not quite sure where to go or which wines to try there are organised Wine Tastings in Ljubljana and Wine Tours taking you outside of town to visit local vineyards and try the Wine where it’s made.                  

That’s only 8 reasons why you should bring your Hen Do to Slovenia. If you are the least bit tempted to do so be sure to check our website for more information.

Hen Do Outfits

Girls love to play dress up. Why should women be any different? Do something playful and spice up your Hen Party by putting on matching costumes. Here are some fun dress up ideas you can try.

1. Bohemian Princess

Awaken the flower-child in you and dress up as free spirited Bohemian Princesses. Cover the Hen in tulle veils and flowers and crown her as the hippie queen of the town. This is perfect for those of you who love the Boho-chic look and would like to take the town forest fairy style.

Bohemian outfits for Hen Do 

2. Mischievous Queen

Let the Hen explore her naughty side as an impish sovereign. Put her in a tiara veil and sash and have her pull some cheeky pranks on unsuspecting men she encounters on her way through town. Make things even more fun and support her by putting on colorful tutus and funny hashtag signs such as ‘#wasted’ or ‘#single’.

Mischievous Queen 

3. Misbehaving Bride

Show everyone you don’t give a rats ass about what they might think of you and take the town in hilarious outfits made of willy glasses, feather boas and penis whistles. Joke around and pull embarrassing pranks with the Hen as she says goodbye to singlehood laughing her head off. 

Willy Glasses for the Hen 

That’s just 3 options that come to our mind when we think of bachelorette parties but by no means should you limit yourself to just the 3. Let your imagination run free and come up with a fun dress up game or a prank of your own.

Hen Do Transportation in Ljubljana

Though small Ljubljana is a town which has a lot to offer. The best thing about it’s size is that there are a lot of activities and interesting places you can get to on foot thus saving a lot of money on transportation. In contrast to larger cities such as Prague almost all bars, clubs and restaurants in Ljubljana are walking distance. If you do however need a ride to some place there are several mostly inexpensive or even completely free options for you to choose from. 

First there’s the Kavalir. This is a small electric car with a driver which can take you any place within the pedestrian zone of Ljubljana’s city centre for free! You can either stop one when you see it pass or order it by calling +386 (0)31 666 331 or +386 (0)31 666 332.The service is available each day from 8:00 to 20:00.

Since Ljubljana is relatively small you can cover most of it by bike. No worries if you don’t intend to bring your own as you can rent one from Bicikelj. They have 38 stations across town, each offering a number of bikes. The service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, all you need to do is make a subscription through their website in order to be able to use the bikes. The subscription costs 1 EUR per week and the first 60 minutes of each rental are always free. The rest you need to pay according to the hire rates which you can check online.

If you’d like to take a tour of the town by bike but don’t feel like getting around on your own you can also take a guided Bike Tour and see the main attractions with the help of a guide. You don’t need to make a subscription to Bicikelj for that as bike rental is already a part of the package. 

Bike Tour in Ljubljana

If you need to get somewhere a bit further away from the center there are a number of buses covering different routes around the town. You’ll need an Urbana card for that which you can buy in almost any newsstand, post office or tourist information centre.The cost is 2 EUR for the card plus the money you spend on the rides. For 1.20 EUR you can take any city bus within 90 minutes of your first boarding. You can find more information about the buses on Ljubljana’s public transport website LPP

Another option is taking a taxi. Though you can always take any idle taxi in town it’s much better to call and order your own as taking a random taxi will usually cost more. A good option is Laguna taxi which you can order by calling 0038615112314. They charge 0.93 EUR for the entry fee and an additional 0.89 EUR per each km.

If you prefer something fancier you can also order a Limo and take a ride around town in style. You’ll get a fabulous Chrysler to take the hen and up to 9 of her friends to a desired destination in or even outside of town while sipping champagne.

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