About Ljubljana

Basic information

Currency: € (euro)
Residents: around 300.000
Ljubljana is pronounced lub-lee-yana

Ljubljana is the biggest city and the capital of Slovenia and is located in Southern Central Europe. Slovenia is part of the EU and Schengen zone. The climate is similar to that of continental Europe, so depending on the season of your arrival you should bring winter or summer clothes because air temperatures differ quite a bit. Prices are similar to average EU prices, but non-basic needs like partying can be a bit cheaper than in the northern parts of Europe. Ljubljana is one of the safest cities in Europe. The local transport in Ljubljana is very good, same with taxi services, which are quite affordable. The accommodation options are endless and of good quality.

How do I get to Ljubljana?

Low cost airlines that fly to Ljubljana are Easyjet and Wizzair and our national airline is Adria Airways. The closest airport is Brnik, which is only a 20min drive away from the city center. Other nearby airports are Zagreb (CRO), Trieste (ITA), Venice (ITA), Klagenfurt and Graz (AUT). The train connections are good as well and the Central Train Station in Ljubljana is located right in the center of the city. If you’re coming by bus there is a good connection from Western Europe operated by Eurolines, they’ll drop you off at the Central Train Station as well. If you come by car your drive will be simple and non-stressful because Slovenia has good and well marked roads. Ljubljana is not a very big city so driving here is not very complicated. Just bear in mind we drive on the right side of the road and you will be fine. For more info or help regarding your arrival contact us and we’ll gladly assist you!

Random prices

Beer: around 3eur
Hamburger: 4eur
Cup of coffee: 1.8eur
Club entrance: 5eur
Taxi: from around 0,9eur/km


We speak Slovenian. Meet our language:
Hello – Zdravo (zdra-wo)
Yes – Ja (ya)
No – Ne (ne)
Please – Prosim (pro-seem)
Beer – Pivo (pee-vo)
Wine – Vino (wee-no)
Food – Hrana (hra-na)
Do you speak English? – Govorite angleško? (go-vo-ree-te an-glesh-ko?)
But don't worry, most people here speak english.

Public holidays

1 January: New Year
8 February - Slovenian Day of Culture
Easter Sunday, Easter Monday in April
7th Sunday after Easter - Pentecost
27 April - Day of Uprising against occupation
1 and 2 May - Labour day
25 June - National day
15 August - Assumption day
31 October - Reformation day
1 November - All souls' day
25 December - Christmas
26 December - Independence day


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